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Most Common Window Treatments

6 Most Common Window Treatments: A Powerful Buying Guide.

The most common Window treatments or window coverings are an essential household decor. You can find practically any type of covering and call it a window treatment! From blinds to shutters and even hanging beads, there are

Keeping Shutters From Discoloring.

Keeping your shutters beautiful and keeping shutters from discoloring. Much like any home furnishing, a window treatment replacement is necessary every once in a while. Perhaps you can get away with buying a window furnishing

Wood or Faux Wood Shutters?

Wood, faux wood, polywood… These types of shutters are interchangeable nowadays and you can find them in any style, texture, and design to fit any window in your home or office. These materials mimic each other

Why Shutters are better than Curtains?

So it’s time to switch out your curtains for something more modern, but you don’t know where to start. You could be thinking plantation shutters, blinds, curtains, or even window clings. Although all these are

Are Plantation Shutters Going Out of Style?

When you’re considering new window treatments or plantation shutters, you may be wondering what type of coverings to get, and what options you have with each style. Should you go with shutters or something else?

window coverings

Why Shutters Are the #1 Best Window Coverings

Do you wonder what is the #1 best custom window coverings to add to your home? Much is said about your home’s curb appeal. Much of your time, money, and effort are spent keeping it

window covering Palm Beach Garden

How the Pros Hang Window Shutters In Your Home

Interior window shutters are a classic and timeless window covering option. They are effective at their job of providing privacy, insulation, and light control in a space. They look great doing that job too. Interior

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