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Decoration Ideas for Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters are extremely versatile and work really well with many different decorating styles.It can tie together the home décor and gives an amazing look to the space where you’ve installed it.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

While decorating your home, like most people, you probably think that every space should look great. Similarly, shutters in the house are very important for home décor, as they are very eye-catching. Before talking about decorating the shutters let’s talk about the benefits of shutters. There’s plenty of vitamin D which you get from the sunlight through your windows, but it can be hard for your home to bear all that sunlight – sometimes it can discolour your furniture as well. Shutters save your home from UV rays, which can damage a major portion of your home. Shutters also prevent your home from over-heating. When the shutters are closed but the slats are open, it allows fresh air into your home while also maintaining the privacy of your home.

Decorating Ideas

Let’s discuss a few ideas for decorating your plantation shutters.

Combine with other Window Treatment

Plantation shutters work well as a standalone window treatment, but you can also pair them with fabrics as well. Long curtain panels gives them an elegant look, and can be placed on either side of a window to soften the edges. Curtain panels should be of a heavy material so that they can block the rays of the sun entering your home. Use light and bright colors for curtains, as they tend to look more attractive in most cases.

Color the Way you Want

It is not necessary to match the panels with your windows. Most people tend to pick the same color shutter for their windows, but this doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Sometimes it’s good to mix and match. The more you experiment with your shutter panels, the more attractive they will tend to look. The next time you consider a shutter panel, pick one that contrasts best with your window. Remember, the color and finish should look good and pair well with each other. Beyond this, you can paint the slats of the shutter as well, so that next time the slats are open it reflects a different color.

Use Shutters Smartly

In recent times, you may have noticed a trend in shutter placement where the placement is not as limited these days. Plantation shutters can be used as a closet door for example; you can use the shutter panel in your closet to give it a more versatile and uniform look. These days, the definition of style is changing immensely and when we talk about lifestyle and home décor,it seems that just about everything can be used in many new ways. For example, if two kids are sharing a room then shutters can be placed between the two sides of the room to make a partition in their room as a divider.


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