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What is a Poly Shutter?

poly shutters

Window Treatments

There are many styles of window treatments, such as the poly shutter, available for your home or business these days. Naturally, you will gravitate towards the one that offers you the most aesthetic appeal, based on your style preference. But keep in mind that not all shutters are created equal. Each room in your home is different, and therefore your shutter choices should be also. With that being said, the variety of window treatments vary in size, dimension, color, and production, so it’s natural to wonder which materials would suit your room the best. A window treatment expert can better assist you on your search for poly shutters Jupiter in your home.

Traditionally, window treatments served as a means for privacy in and around the home. With very little types or styles to choose from, people focused strictly on keeping their homes as private as possible. Fast forward to 2021, and you’re presented with a buffet of options from blinds to custom shutters to block-out curtains and more. There are more than enough window treatments to suit the needs of all the rooms in your home. The downside of this is that  the quality can be lacking. Poorly made window treatments can reflect in the paint color or faulty mechanics. Neither is something you want to deal with when children are present.

But you want a good quality shutter without paying a hefty price, and this is something that can be done with poly shutters.

Poly Shutters – Why Get Them?

A poly shutter is a plantation shutter made from polyurethane and extruded vinyl materials. It costs less than traditional wood shutters (and even some high quality drapes or curtains), but still maintains high quality appeal. When you want an elegant, stylish look to your room but need to pay less, poly shutters are the option for you.

So what’s the difference between poly shutters and wood shutters? Well, aesthetics, really. Some people like the look and feel of real wood. Of course, wood shutters are visually appealing and add value to the home. With wood shutters, you’re guaranteed durability as  they can withstand harsh weather elements. Wood shutters are worth the investment if you are looking for something long-term, and it’s available for you in any stain or color and style.

Poly shutters are excellent for the cost and only come in a few styles and colors, but these can mimic most high-quality wood shutters. Poly shutters are moisture resistant and energy efficient while being extremely durable. They stand up to wear and tear quite efficiently and are made with durable paint finish that does not fade with time.

These moisture-resistant poly shutters are great for areas such as the bathroom or kitchen because they’re less likely to warp or expand due to the high moisture content in the air. And as noted above, they are energy efficient! Poly shutters are known to be 70% effective in blocking out harmful UV rays and sunlight. For those of you who live in a warmer climate such as Florida, you know the sun shines bright and the moisture is thick! Get in touch with a poly shutters Jupiter Florida expert before you purchase.

All About Appeal

As you can see, plantation poly shutters serve a functional purpose without being ultra-expensive. What’s more important here is that you choose the right window treatments for your home, not just because they look good or they are cheaper. Again, less expensive blinds can be a hazard in the home, especially with little children around the house. Investing in high-quality shutters doesn’t have to come with a high price tag . This is something a professional can guide you on. For a FREE design and consultation, contact the team at Indian River Shutter Company!


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poly shutters

What is a Poly Shutter?

Window Treatments There are many styles of window treatments, such as the poly shutter, available for your home or business

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