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Are Polywood Plantation Shutters Worth It?

polywood plantation shutters

Your window treatments add a personal touch and elegance to your home. Over the last decade, the popularity of polywood or “poly” shutters has increased, and you can find competitive pricing and quick installation to meet your needs. Affordability aside, they should also reflect quality. Your local polywood plantation shutters factory is located in Palm City, Florida, with a showroom filled with ideas and professionals to help you find the perfect product.

Types of Window Treatments

You don’t need to go far to find the correct polywood plantation shutters or curtain. Nowadays, just one word or phrase in the internet search engine will bring a plethora of window treatment ideas to surface; it can be enough to overwhelm you. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the possibilities, consider the location of where your window treatments will go.

A baby’s or child’s bedroom needs full to be as dark as possible for sleeping hours and daytime napping. They need something that can provide some noise canceling and light reducing shades or curtains that also keep the room at a comfortable temperature. Safety should also be brought into consideration when choosing the right window treatments for a child’s room. Poorly made treatments will warp or bend, become frayed, and even break over a shorter period of time. This can be dangerous or even life threatening to the child. Curtains may provide ample coverage and keep the cool air in, but they don’t necessarily keep the curious child from pulling on them to get a good outside view. 

Window treatments that provide safety, look aesthetically pleasing, and pass the quality test are ones that can be custom made to fit to your windows exactly. There are three different kinds of window treatments to choose from. This will help you determine which type of treatment and style is best for your desired room.

Soft window treatments include: Roman shades, swags, shears, valances, curtains and drapes. These are exceptionally elegant styles, and can be made of luxurious fabrics that provide full coverage for your window. They can also be made to be noise resistant and fire resistant. They can be remote controlled or used by hand with cords. Soft window treatments stain easily and absorb oil and dust quickly as well, especially with lighter colors and styles.

Hard window treatments are made of harder materials such as vinyl, wood or polyvinyl. These window treatments come in the form of shutters, blinds, and shades, and can be made of wood or plastic. They are a popular choice because of their louvered or fixed slats, which make them easy to clean. They control sunlight better than drapes, and provide exceptional privacy and security for your room.

Lastly, the third type consists of a combination of the two above, which creates a layered window treatment. 

Are Polywood Shutters Worth It?

Shutters are an inexpensive way of adding full coverage and privacy within your budget. They are excellent for keeping hot air out and cool air in. Polywood shutters come in a variety styles, and are low maintenance and durable. They are also a more energy efficient choice than wood or aluminum shutters. In sum, you have a great deal of design room with these cost effective window treatments. 

Nothing is ever what it seems when you buy ”sight unseen”. So, the best way to ensure you’re getting what you need for your home is to check it out in person at Indian River Shutter Co.. Before you order the next best polywood shutter online, stop by our poly shutters Port St. Lucie showroom today! Give us a call to set up an appointment


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