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Poly Shutters



Indian River Shutter Company is proud to bring you built-to-last poly shutters in Port Saint Lucie. Poly shutters are a relatively new material in the market but have an estimated 30% dominance in the market of shutters. It is defined as an extruded and expanded poly-vinyl chloride. The oil-based materials are expanded during the extrusion process to create a solid component. This process can create various shapes and styles in the same way as the milling process of raw lumber. Perhaps the greatest appeal of  poly shutters in Jensen Beach is in painted form as it closely resembles a wood product then. Due to this resemblance, some people refer to poly-vinyl as faux wood blinds. In certain applications poly shutters in Palm Beach Gardens may be the choice product because of its impervious nature. Poly is totally water resistant and is unaffected by high temperatures; its dense composition also makes it an excellent insulator. Price comparable to a Composite Shutter, Poly is superior in choice.

Poly shutters in Stuart are a highly requested product for commercial applications, mainly popular in the hospitals and medical buildings due to its fire-resistant qualities. The NFPA 701 is a requirement to evaluate the level of fire resistance within public occupancy buildings, including curtains, window shades, table linens, textile wall hangings, as well as fabrics used in the assembly of furniture. Indian River Shutter Companies trademark our poly shutters in Jupiter with the name Polybilt™. The poly “Polybilt” shutters are certified with the 2010 NFPA701 standard methods of fire testing. A copy of our certification can be provided at your request at our location in Palm City. Aside from the fire-resistant quality of Indian River Shutters, Polybilt™ shutters, include:

Amazing appearance and low maintenance
Environmentally friendly with easy fabrication and minimal waste
Cuts and machines like wood
Superior energy efficiency – 1600% better than aluminum
UV Protected
Manufactured Locally

Indian River Shutter Company has the ability to produce poly shutters in Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Palm City, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, and Jensen Beach much more efficiently meeting better deadlines and with a more durable product than ever before.

As an alternative to the traditional solid wood, our poly shutters in Jupiter have gained considerable popularity in the recent years. This is due to the fact that they are efficient in mimicking the exotic appeal of natural hardwood and that too at a very low cost. This is why they are popular among the homeowners of Florida nowadays. As faux wood is made of Vinyl or PVC, they are also resistant to the temperature changes and humidity as compared to the real wood.

Some of the properties that have our Polybilt shutters are Sandhill Cove in Palm City, Treasure Coast Hospice in Stuart, and Benedetti Dental Professionals in Stuart Florida, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce. For further information about Indian River Shutter’s incredible poly shutters in Palm City, stop by our showroom in Palm City Florida or give us a call today.

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