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Do PVC Shutters Discolor? Only From The Cheap Companies.

poly PVC shutters

Much like any home furnishing, a window treatment replacement is necessary every once in a while. Perhaps, you can get away with buying a window furnishing that is less expensive than PVC shutters, but still covers your openings. But, you know what they say: “You get what you pay for.” So when you visit your local pvc shutters Stuart showroom, you must have some idea of what type of shutters you’re looking for in order to get the most out of them.

PVC Shutters

Image From IRSC

What are PVC shutters, you ask? They are a less-expensive yet becoming more popular type of window treatment. Many homeowners cannot tell an immediate difference between real wood shutters and PVC shutters. Although they are less expensive than wood shutters, PVC or “Poly” shutters are also safe and an environmentally-friendly material for the home. It was once discovered that cheap PVC shutters were made from carcinogenic materials, and when they got hot, they would omit airborne toxins that are known to cause asthma and other respiratory problems. While it said to stay away from cheaper materials, PVC is a less-expensive version of a high quality product.

Your local  poly shutters Stuart company has the highest quality materials for you and your family. While you likely aren’t in favor of spending too much on the shutters in your home, it’s important to find a manufacturer who certifies in a toxin- free product. They’ll also provide a product warranty on their shutters too. Your PVC window treatments take on the look and feel of real, high quality wood. Their core strength stands up to the harshest of summers while being built to last with a UV stabilizer coating made to take the strongest of heat. Not to mention, PVC window treatments can be customized to your liking. So if you’re browsing the internet or a magazine and something catches your eye, bring it to your local poly shutters Stuart showroom and let a professional help you achieve that look.

So, Do PVC Shutters Discolor?

Image From WikiHow

As stated above, the cheaper the materials, the less quality you’ll get from your window treatments. PVC shutters can in fact discolor, and very quickly if not taken care of properly. Sometimes, the cheaper versions of these plantation shutters have thick coatings of cheaper paint which can have VOCs, which are harmful toxins. Cheaper quality PVC shutters can’t handle the heat, let alone the constant sun exposure. Sun exposure, and cleaning chemicals will discolor these treatments almost instantly. So, an honest answer is, yes, some poorly-made PVC shutters can fade quickly, discolor, and also bring other hazards as well. 

Because PVC shutters have come a long way, you can now get them customized and with a protective UV coating so fading won’t occur. This also makes them fire resistant compliant as well. Custom plantation or poly plantation shutters (PVC) are the homeowner’s first option, as they are easy to maintain, and simple to clean.

So how do you know which PVC shutter is right for you? Well, that would be determined by where you choose your shutters and the company itself. When browsing a selection online, you may see many styles and colors that peak your interest. However, without actually physically testing the product, it may be a waste of time and money. A reputable company will always have a warranty and certification on their products. The materials used would be high-quality and demonstrate a resistance to wear and tear. A company should always have the option of customization as well. 

Looking for the best and most efficient PVC, plantation, or wood plantation shutters for your home? Indian River Shutter Company provides free design consultations, so you can get the most from your window treatments. Contact them today or stop by their showroom to view their many selections and styles!


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