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How to clean plantation shutters?


The enduring look of plantation shutters is always a great and stylish addition to your home. These precious coverings have been proven to impart and enhanced look to your windows. Their clean and crisp appearance completely transforms the look of your home.

Everyone loves the look of plantation shutters when first installed. But these wonderful window coverings lose their sheen when they get dusty over time. So to keep them looking fresh & clean, regular cleaning is required which is surprisingly easy.

Based on the type of your plantation shutter, there are different ways to clean it.

Cleaning the Wood Plantation Shutter –

  • The Wood Plantation shutters are more fragile so don’t use water, soap or any chemical. Use a dusting cloth, small brush or vacuum to get rid of the dirt and dust.
  • First use a good vacuum to thoroughly remove all the dust. Then use a toothbrush or microfiber cloth to remove dust from hard to reach spaces.
  • Last, if any dust remains use a dryer sheet to individually wipe each blind to give a fresh look to the shutter.

Cleaning the Polywood Shutter –

  • The Polywood shutter is made of synthetic material so water or chemicals can be used to clean the shutter.
  • First, use a vacuum to remove all dust and debris from the surface of the shutters.
  • Then use a cloth dampened with a good cleaning solution to wipe the shutters..
  • You can also use hot water to wet a cleaning cloth to clean stubborn spots.

Cleaning the Exterior Shutter –

  • The exterior shutters need a bit more rigorous cleaning than other types of shutter. These are the storm resistant shutters.
  • For exterior shutters, detergents or bleach can be used.
  • Mix 1 part bleach with 5 parts water, dip a brush in the solution and scrub the shutter.
  • Pressure washing can also be used to clean heavily soiled shutters.

Cleaning schedules –

There are some plantation shutters which require more cleaning than others. Shutters which are located in your bathrooms, kitchens and dining areas require detailed and frequent cleaning as these rooms accumulate more grease, airborne food particles, dirt and other debris.

Regular cleaning keeps your plantation shutters looking as new as they were on day one. With just a little maintenance, you can ensure a long life for your shutters.



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