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Mix and Match Your Window Treatments

When it comes time to switch up your window treatments, have you considered mixing and matching patterns, textures and colors? With over hundreds of style to choose from, you can get creative while keeping the tone and functionality you desire. When you’re ready to upgrade your custom window shutters in Fort Pierce, your local installation specialist can get the job done. These tips and trends will encourage you to think out of the box with your window treatments.

Light Layering

This may seem contradictory, but layering a blackout with a light filtering shade can offer privacy while you’re in control of the light you let in. Common spaces and children’s bedrooms are a perfect spot for these types of window treatments.

Modern Appeal

Adjustable, cordless cellular shades make an excellent cover with longer drapes. These shades are available in many styles and patterns and blend with just about any decor. You can add your desired color for versatility and simplicity to any living area or dining room.

Go Bold but Stay Neutral

Solid shades with a simple roller blind provide the perfect pattern pair. While you can get as creative and colorful as you’d like with this options, if you choose to go subtle, you’ll still stand out with the boldness that they both bring to your window.

Majestic and Sleek

Wood window coverings with a matching cornice adds a sleek and formal look to almost any room. When you want to raise the blinds, the cornice will do its job by completely covering top of the blinds. This makes the room look open, allowing more light to flow in freely.

Matching When Mixing

Perhaps you want the same color or pattern but prefer your window treatments across the top and longer on the sides. This gives depth and height to your windows and these treatments are available in roller and roman shades.


If you want a dramatic yet elegant feel to your room, sheer draping over lightweight wooden window treatments offers the perfect subtly. This mismatched ensemble is quite the pair, letting in just enough light to soften the bedroom and allows a peaceful feeling.

Classic Valance

Go back in time while adding a modern twist. You can choose from hundreds of wooden window treatments that pair exceptionally with a top neutral color valance. This combo adds warm tones to your room while concealing the blinds when you raise them.

When you’re ready for mixing and matching your interior shutters in Fort Pierce, give the experts at Indian River Shutter Company a call. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, they have the skill and expertise in many housing styles and would be happy to help you find the best window treatments for your home.


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