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The Difference Between Blinds and Shutters

When it comes to keeping the sunlight out of your house, there are tons of options and designs. While all blinds and shutters are designed to keep the sun out, each type of window covering has its own look, operation, and benefits. 

If you’re considering putting blinds or shutters on your windows, you need to understand these window coverings and the difference between the two, especially if you’re buying window blinds in Fort Pierce, where anything close to a window can get very hot. 


Window blinds are retractable window coverings that use slats to block or let light in. Window blinds will usually have a cord or a rod that allows you to adjust how much light is coming in through the blind. These cords will also allow you to adjust how much of the window is covered by the blinds. 

Blinds can move up and down or side to side. One of the most popular blind types is the Venetian blind. Venetian blinds have slats that hang horizontally from a track at the top of the window and are connected via pieces of cloth called tapes. You can use a cord to swivel the slats and block or allow light into your house. 

Vertical blinds are another popular type of blind. Vertical blinds have vertical slats that hang from a track at the top of the window.  They move side to side instead of up and down. Vertical blinds have a rod that you can twist to adjust the amount of light coming in. You can also use the rod to adjust how much of the window is covered by the blind. 


Shutters are window coverings that are stable and solid, meaning they can’t be retracted. They are usually hinged to the frame of the window, which allows them to be rotated in and out of the window. 

They also have a rod that allows you to adjust the orientation of the slats, allowing you to open and close the slats to allow more or less light in. Shutters can also be used on the outside of the home as well. These shutters are usually made of solid pieces of wood and are intended to protect the windows during storms and serve as a decoration.

Shutters must be custom built to fit the dimensions of the windows. They need to have a tight fit in order to be effective, so having them measured and cut to the dimensions of your window will yield the best results. 

Differences Between Blinds and Shutters

The main difference between blinds and shutters lies in their operation and their design. Where blinds can be retracted and their height can be adjusted, shutters are solid pieces that cannot be retracted. However, you can move shutters on their hinge to move them away from the window, which helps them serve as a decorative piece as well. 

Shutters must also be custom fit to every window they are installed on. This ensures that they have a tight fit to your window and close seamlessly. Blinds don’t need to be custom measured, but they don’t keep out light the same way shutters do. Shutters are also heavier and thicker, which makes them better at keeping the heat and cold out. Shutters are easy to open and shut like blinds but offer better protection and a more attractive appearance.

Shutters are also more decorative than blinds. While blinds have many different looks to help you match them to your home, shutters are both functional and decorative. Blinds also have more design options, however, they are not as sturdy as shutters and won’t last as long.  

Choose the Best Option for Your Home

Now that you know more about blinds and shutters and the difference between the two, you can pick the best option for your home. 

If you have any questions about vertical blinds and shutters in Fort Pierce or which window covering is best for your home, please contact Indian River Shutter today at (888)-354-2342 to schedule a free consultation.


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