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Window Expert: Shutters and Blinds, What’s the Difference?

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Window covering makes all the difference when it comes to the feel of a room. Besides blocking the sunlight and the view of inside from the outside, shutter and blinds have a responsibility to add style and sophistication to a room. If you’re in the market for new window coverings, hear what an expert shutters and blinds pro has to say about your options.  

What are shutters 

When people think of shutters, they most often think of the boards placed on the outside of a home to frame a window. These boards tend to have decorative features and may close to cover the window completely, or may be fixed in place for decoration only. You can also place shutters on the inside of your windows though they look a bit different than the exterior styles and are always functional. Interior shutters allow you to close the inside of your home to the outside world with a heavy dose of style in a room.

What are blinds

Blinds are nothing like shutters according to our expert shutter and blinds professional. Blinds come in a variety of styles from simple roller shades, mini blinds and even vertical blinds for doorways. Blinds are the most common choice for window covering in a home because they’re easy for a homeowner to install. They are not always as durable as shutters, offer a different look inside of a room, but provide the same privacy and protection that other kinds of window coverings do.  

Expert: shutters or blinds?

Shutters will work in every room of your house. Our expert shutters or blinds pro says blinds are best for central, highly trafficked rooms like kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms. For the maximum level of privacy, full shades are recommended for bathrooms and bedrooms. However, these aren’t hard and fast rules. If you find shades you love for your kitchen or shutters you love for your bedroom, go with your gut and trust that any choice will work with your interior aesthetic.  

Expert: blinds or shutters – what’s the cost?

Expect to budget a healthy amount of money for your window treatment project and be delighted when you discover affordable options. Shutters can cost anywhere from $20 to $700 per window. That can be pricey, but these products are so durable that you’ll only ever buy them one time. Blinds, on the other hand, are much cheaper upfront. They do vary a lot depending on the style and quality you choose—from $8 per window to $1,000 per window. You should also consider that you might have to buy several sets throughout your homeownership experience because they can break over time.


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