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How to Clean House Shutters

Interior shutters are a great addition to any house. They provide way more privacy than other types of window coverings, and even help to cool off or keep your house warm depending on the season. They also look great in pretty much any room and fit with almost any kind of interior design aesthetic. The question that remains once they’re installed is: how do you clean house shutters. Here are the steps:

Step one for clean house shutters

Something to remember when caring for your shutters is that it’s wise to treat them like stained wood rather than any other type of really durable surface. You’ll want to refrain from using harsh chemicals on the slats so that you don’t inadvertently remove the surface stain or paint when you clean house shutters. Using harsh products can also cause warping and cracking overtime which will have your shutters looking anything but lovely.   

Removing the dust

Once you have all of your cleaning supplies collected, the first step will be to remove dust from the louvers. Use a microfiber dusting cloth, some other kind of dusting tool, or even one of the attachments on your vacuum cleaner to remove all surface dust from the blinds. There’s no fast way to do this. You’ll just have to dust each louver one by one. It will be worth it in the long run.   

Addressing stuck on debris

If when dusting the shutters you find areas where debris has built up or become stuck on the louvers, don’t fret. To remove anything stuck on the louvers, use a reputable furniture polish to gently wipe it away. These products are often oily in nature and should free the stuck on debris without much force required.   

An insider trick for clean house shutters

After you’ve dusted and removed any stubborn debris from the louvers, look them over for any other areas of concern. If its hard to get into cracks and crevices in the shutters, consider one of the insider tricks of the trade. Use an old toothbrush, dry at first then dipped in furniture polish, if necessary, to free any dirt and debris from hard to reach areas of your shutters. It will take a bit of extra time, but it will leave your shutters looking brand new when you’re through.


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