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Pros and Cons of Poly Shutters

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There are numerous ways to cover the windows in your home from mini blinds to luxurious curtains. One sleep, sophisticated, and functional way is with plantation shutters. What you’ll find when you start shopping for these window coverings is that shutter makers offer plenty of options for you to consider especially with material. Poly shutters is one option that you’ll come across and there are few pros and cons to know about this product. 

Poly shutters are durable

Wood and poly shutters are the two most common materials that manufacturers use for shutters. The poly variety actually has a leg up on their wood cousins in the durability column. The material is tough and will hold onto its color the entire time it covers your windows. 

Poly shutters are the less expensive option

Another great thing about poly shutters is just how budget friendly they are compared to their wood counterparts. If you would love to have the look of wood shutters in your home but your budget doesn’t allow for it, choosing poly is a great option. Because the finish is so durable, they’ll keep looking great in your home with minimal maintenance and no foreseen additional costs.  

Great for windows that soak up moisture

Another great aspect of poly shutters are their moisture resistant capabilities. For windows that aren’t otherwise protected by your home’s water collection and drainage system, poly is a sound choice. Even if they are introduced to minor leaks through time, they won’t warp or swell like wood products can do. 

Poly products have a few cons to consider

These products might have a couple of strikes against them but none should really be deal breakers. Poly weighs more than wood shutters so their size can be limited to ensure proper fit and function. This type of shutter is also offered in two shades: off-white and white, so the wide variety of natural wood tones that are available with wood products don’t carry over to the poly options. 


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