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Wood or Faux Wood Shutters?

Wood, faux woodpolywood… These types of shutters are interchangeable nowadays and you can find them in any style, texture, and design to fit any window in your home or office. These materials mimic each other seemingly flawlessly. But to the trained eye, you’ll notice these slight differences. So before you internet search for your local wood plantation shutters Port St. Lucie showroom, let’s take a look at what makes these two worth the investment.

Your Room, Your Design

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When it comes to choosing the right to core of your room, window treatments matter. This is all based on personal preference while useful careful consideration before investing. Whatever your room design is, your goal is to provide adequate shade and light combination while keeping privacy in the forefront.  You can choose curtains to blend with your window shutters and interchange the color from the walls to the carpets that blend well with both window treatments. Should you choose to layer your shutters, preferably, you’ll choose a lighter color curtain over the shutters so as not to completely darken the room.

Location is one of the most important factors when choosing your window treatments. Think of how much privacy you’ll need in that room and also how much light you’ll require. You can have all the privacy you need and still get plenty of light into the room. When you choose the right location, your local wood plantation shutters Port St. Lucie shop will offer a selection based on your needs and for your room type.

Lately, the type and design matters when choosing the right window treatment. Again, layering is an option if you choose to go with Roman shades or even wood shutters. Depending on the color and style, you can customize your window treatments to style the room it’s in. These treatments should make sense to your room and your home’s overall style. Your window treatments should be aesthetically pleasing but also blend in with the design flow of the rest of the home.

You’ll find many varieties of window treatments, but not all are to be treated equally nor fit in every room. Roman shades are among the most popular styles and are made of decor fabric with horizontal folds. Solar shades provide an excellent way of preserving the outside view while offering a considerable amount of light to your room.

Wood blinds are an old but highly popular choice with homeowners. Is a classic look that is durable through the years. It’s also an energy efficient choice. And then you have shutters. These shutters take on the appearance of wood but are great choices for your budget. They add the same value to your home and are available in a variety of custom styles.

Wood or Faux Wood?

Faux Wood
Image from IRSC

Wood or polywood shutters are an exceptional choice, either way you choose. Nowadays, you can find faux wood shutters that are identical to the real thing. They are cost-effective and durable. They’re usually made of PVC and vinyl material and are great for kids’ rooms! They stand up to high humidity environments and are resistant to extreme temperatures. They’re also easily customizable.

But maybe you want to go with the real thing. Real wood is lighter-weight than most of the composite materials and is proven to last longer than faux wood. It is sustainably sourced and available in many different wood stains, types and colors. Also customizable, this popular option comes in a horizontal category and adds a classic beauty to your home.

With over 30 years of experience, Indian River Shutter Company has provided window treatments to homeowners across the county. When you visit your local wood plantation shutters  company showroom, you’ll most likely find a beautiful selection of wood or faux wood shutters. Contact us for a free design and consultation!


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