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Hurricane Season is here in Palm Beach – Are You Protected?

Well, it’s that time of year again-the sudden shift in temperature, the fall feeling of decorative doorsteps, and of course, hurricane season. Don’t underestimate these Florida storms and heavy winds because when you least expect it, you may just get hit with a big one. Get your home prepared beforehand so that your damage may be minimal or nonexistent. These helpful tips will offer insight into what you need to do to stay on top of the game.

Guarding your home – Cleaning the Lawn

Heavy winds and rain can pack quite the punch in Palm Beach hurricane season. It will scoop up anything in it way so paying extra mind to what’s left outside such as bikes, chairs, and even gardening tools is especially important when protecting your home during a hurricane. You’ll also want to try these sure-fire ways to protect your, inside and out, as well.

Shutter Safety

Strong shutters make excellent shields for your home when those winds blow. Wind covers may or may not do the trick so it’s best to leave it the hands of someone how can thoroughly inspect the home.

Although you can buy shutters and perform the installation yourself, it may be wise to just have a trusted technician do the job correctly. A local tech will make sure that the shutter, that no matter the strength of winds, those shutters are measured accurately. You don’t want to tape the windows shut either, this will not protect from flying debris.

Test the Pumps and Drains

If you know that a heavy storm is coming, it’s best to test the sump pumps and drains to be sure that they are working well. You don’t want to find out when a storm hits that you have a leak.

Pay Extra Attention to your Yard

Trim the trees and shrubs, your bark instead of gravel, and tie down those taller trees and shrubs. Replacing the gravel with bark will lessen your chances of damage to your home and others’ as well. Since they’re will most likely be enough uprooted trees and bushes, be sure to tie your down, tightly to ensure they won’t leave your property.

Secure your Roof

Your roof is base of shelter for your home. Since heavy winds can push against the home during a hurricane, inspect your roof from the inside out. Check the bracings for missing nails and be sure that the sheathing is properly installed.

Evacuation Station

Above everything else in this list, give yourself enough time to plan where to evacuate if the situation arises. Your public library, grocery store, and local government institutions provide information to everyone that is in a hurricane evacuation area. These areas are permitted for people to stay home in the event of a hurricane.

Remember, if you’re even in doubt about the security of your home when a hurricane hits, contact your local tech to inspect your home and its entirety. You and your family’s safety is most important and not one to take lightly!


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