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If You Want Long-Term Wear, Consider Professional Plantation Shutter Installation


Plantation shutters are those great looking louvered shutters that many people install on the insides of their windows for decoration and for privacy. They’re very beautiful and come in many different types of materials, construction qualities, colors, and styles. Let’s take a quick look at how to pick a good quality shutter, how to install them, and why you might want to get a professional plantation shutter installer to do the work instead.

There Are Several Qualities Of Shutters Available

Of course, just like anything else, you can buy junk merchandise or high-quality products everywhere you go. One thing to decide first is whether you’re going to actually be opening and closing these shutters on a daily basis, or if they’re going to just sit there for decoration and rarely if ever even be touched. That can make the difference in the quality that you need to buy. Some of the cheapest shutters will look fine but won’t hold up to any kind of use or abuse.

When you go to buy the shutters, there are going to be “custom manufactured” or “cut to fit” for the exact size of the window. The “custom manufactured” shutters will fit your window exactly as it is, while the other is a larger shutter that is trimmed down to fit a smaller window. Most of the time, the custom made shutters are of much higher quality and will last considerably longer when used daily. The cut to fit shutters are great for decoration but may not stand up to daily opening and closing for long.

Another key indicator of quality is how many coats of paint or clear coating that have been applied to the shutters. If they boast of having two or more coats, they are likely of higher quality than those with only a single coat. Plus, single coated wood might have a rougher finish making dusting and cleaning more difficult as well. You should take the time to run your fingers over the surface to see if they’ll be easy to clean.

Installing Your Plantation Shutters Is An Artistic Endeavor

There aren’t very many tools required to do the job, a level, pencil, electric drill and a screwdriver is usually all you need. The trick is to be able to align the shutters perfectly so that they meet exactly in the center with just the right amount of space in between. Too close and they’ll hit each other and not close properly. Too far apart and there will be an ugly space between them. If you’ve paid for the higher quality shutters and will be using them frequently, then it’s better to have a professional plantation shutter installer do the work for you. That way they’ll be perfectly level, open and close just right, and will be firmly mounted to withstand lots of uses for long-term wear and tear.

If you’ve been looking at the discount home improvement store for shutters and realize you want higher quality shutters and service, you can have Indian River Shutter Company come to your home and do the job for you. We’ll measure your windows exactly, custom make the shutters for a perfect fit, then install them professionally to withstand years of use. They’ll look beautiful, and work as they should for a long time.


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