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A Quick Guide About Custom Plantation Shutters


Plantation shutters are what you need if you are looking for something that will completely cover your windows and the customized variations are the best choice. The shutters provide a clean line presentation and come in various options that suit different color and décor schemes.

Custom plantation shutters can be found in different decoration and style options that include flowering plants, plant boxes, and shrubs. The beauty of the customizable types is that you can even go further and decorate the window treatment as you desire. You also can customize the shutters according to frame and panel options.

Identifying Which Is The Best Choice

In most cases, customizable items have an array of options when it comes to materials, and this is what to expect with custom plantation shutters. The material options available include:

1. Wood – It comes with an array of color choices (natural colors of the timber as well as painted options). Staining is one of the most common detailing options with wooden plantation shutters since they tend to blend well with the wooden furniture.

2. PVC – It is a water-resistance material with a gleaming look and is easy to clean and maintain. While PVC plantation shutters may not be a top choice, they are a fantastic option if you live in very wet and humid areas.

3. Poly Material – The material is very resistant to moisture thus less likely to warp when in contact with water. This is a material worth a favorable consideration if you are looking for long-lasting shutters. However, they tend to be thicker than the wooden counterparts and will limit the size of the panels needed to cover your windows.

Choosing The Shutter Frames

Working with the standard trends is not such a bad thing when doing customized plantation shutters. Sometimes opting to work with something different may not work as expected when installing these shutters. When choosing the type of frames to use, consider the following:

• Shutters are installed on the outside mount (the wall’s outside surface), which may produce a bulky finish or the inside mount (the recess of the window opening).

• The ideal frame option will be the ‘Z’ or the ‘L’ frame. The Z frame is ideal for the inside mount, and the L frame can work for both the inside and outside mounts.

The Benefits Of Custom Plantation Shutters

• Save money – Shutters do not come cheap, but they offer value for money in the long run

• Enhanced aesthetics – Installing the plantation shutters add a unique and beautiful touch to the overall look of the window areas.

• Increased functionality – The shutters are made to cover the entire length and width of windows, which is not always the case with regular window blinds.


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