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What Kind of Window Treatments are In Style?

Looking for new and fresh ideas for your window treatments? Perhaps your interior shutters in Fort Pierce can use an upgrade. Your options are endless when it comes to choosing the right window shutters for your home, and the styles and trends today can alter the look of your living space, even when you want to keep it simple. These window treatment ideas will help you decide how you want to dress up your windows while still sticking to a budget.

Upscale Upcycle

Nowadays, style makers and designers are reconstructing the old to create a whole new look. From tablecloths to old linen curtains, this approach is cost-effective and easy to create something stylish no matter the room. Upcycling your old sheets will save you money while giving your room a new look. Flat sheets are lightweight and versatile for occasions where you just need a little something to cover the blinds or treatments you currently have. They also provide a different look and feel to the room by simply shading out harsh lighting but keeping the cozy and welcoming ambience.

Motorized Inside

Motorized shutters are the perfect element to your upgrade. These customized window shutters in Fort Pierce offer convenience and comfort. How does this work? You are given a controller with preset angled louver positions. This allows you to be in control of your privacy and the amount of sunlight that comes in. These custom shutters are usually made with a single or multi-panel control and can be moved manually when the remote is not in use. It is battery operated, moves quietly, and lacks the hassle of hardwiring.  

The Roman Shade

Roman shades are back in style as they add the perfect element and length to your room. Since they’ve made a popular comeback, you can find any pattern and color tone in the style of your Roman shade. They’re perfect in that they add just enough light while enhancing the look and style of the decor in your room.

Bigger, Bolder

Perhaps you’re looking to create a whole different look to your room. An easy way to do so is by adding taller drapes or curtains to your room to make the room seem bigger. Bolder colors enhance this feature and plays well with other bold colors in the room.
Stylish window treatments are in, no matter the season, and can be customized to fit even your smallest needs. When you’re looking for efficient and low maintenance interior shutters in Fort Pierce, Indian River Shutter Company can guarantee quality. With over 30 years under their belts, servicing Palm City and the surrounding areas, and even across the United States and Europe, their expertise and knowledge of appropriate window treatments has exceeded the expectations of home owners everywhere. Let the knowledgeable team at Indian River Shutter Company help you with your next custom window treatment! Call us today for estimates and information!


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