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Why Choose Plantation Shutters for Your Home?

Plantation Shutters in Florida

Are you looking to add a new design element to your home windows? Are you tired of blinds jamming or curtains never staying closed? Plantation shutters in Florida allow you to give your windows, and home, a new look while also providing more benefits and options than you would have with regular curtains and blinds.

Plantation shutters can be attached to the interior or exterior of a window box. Unlike shades and blinds, plantation shutters cannot be raised or lowered; instead they have slats designed to tilt up or down depending on your light and privacy desires. While a bit more expensive than traditional window treatments, the benefits of shutters greatly outweigh the costs.

A little privacy please!

Installing plantation shutters allows you to control the privacy of your home without turning it into a cave. With blinds, shades and curtains the only way to achieve true privacy is to shut them all the way, depriving your home of any natural light. The design of plantation shutters allows you to tilt the slats so you still let in some light while feeling like your neighbors can’t see directly into your house. Additionally, plantation shutters can also block out all light, when completely closed, in case you feel like taking a mid-afternoon nap.  

Cut your energy costs

Plantation shutters in Florida not only provide a layer of insulation for your home, but also are perfect for keeping your home cool in the summer months. The shutters are able to deflect sunlight and keep it from heating your home in the summer, which makes your AC unit work twice as hard and racking up your energy bill. Plantation shutters can also act as an additional insulator around your windows, meaning in the winter you are not wasting energy by having your heat escape or cold air leak in.

Easy maintenance

No one likes lugging heavy drapery to the cleaners, so why do it? Plantation shutters are incredibly easy to clean due to the materials used and slotted design. With a simple dusting and occasional wipe-down, your plantation shutters will look great for years.

A new look

Adding plantation shutters to your Florida home can add a whole new element of design and completely transform a room. It can get expensive to constantly update your drapes or blinds to coincide with the latest trends. Plantation shutters, however, are a classic design that will never go out of style.

Prevent sunlight discoloration

Direct sunlight can cause damage to your hardwood floors and furniture. Direct sunlight contact over a prolonged period of time can cause permanent stains and spots on your rugs, floors and furniture. Investing in home plantation shutters, especially in sunny states such as Florida, will help preserve the lifespan of your furniture.

Increase your home value

Many home buyers consider plantation shutters a selling point for a home. Since these types of shutters are so versatile, they are able to go with any design aesthetic making them a wish list item for most potential homeowners.

If you are in the market to upgrade your home and save on your energy bill, look into purchasing plantation shutters from Indian River Shutter Company.


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