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Custom Shutters For Tax Day

motorized plantation shutters in florida

With tax season come and gone, you might be wondering what you are going to do with your tax refund this year. While many people want to spend that money on something fun, such as going on a spontaneous trip, have you thought about putting that money into the place where you spend most of your time – your home? Investing your tax refund money into upgrading your blinds or shutters to custom motorized plantation shutters is more beneficial than most homeowners realize.


But first, what are motorized plantation shutters?

Motorized plantation shutters are exactly what they sound like. The only difference between motorized plantation shutters and regular plantation shutters is the remote control and programmable aspect to these shutters. Motorized plantation shutters are more commonly customized by customers than other shutters because when you are spending the money on an upgraded window treatment you want to make sure it is exactly to your liking and specifications.


Why should you invest in custom shutters?


1.) Convenience

The convenience of having motorized plantation shutters cannot be understated. Instead of struggling with twisted blinds and manually closing every set of shutters in your house, motorized shutters can be shut with a simple push of a button. Motorized shutters can be controlled by a remote control, flipping a switch and even through an app on your smartphone. Imagine you are rushing to get out of the door in the morning but forget to shut your shutters. If you have manual shutters in your home all you can hope for is weather that won’t cause your energy bill to spike. However, with motorized plantation shutters you can close all your shutters on the way out of the house or from your smartphone if you forget. Additionally, some motorized plantation shutters can get set on a timer or be programmed to open or close during specific times of the day. This feature is great for times when you and your loved ones are gone for the day or away on vacation.

2.) Design quality

Motorized plantation shutters add a modernized look to your windows and home in general. One of the best things about custom shutters is they are a timeless look that can go with any interior design motif. Whether you are someone who likes to change up the look of their home every few months or someone who likes to stick to one design, customized plantation shutters are your best bet. Many times homeowners have problems selling their homes because the design of the home is too distracting to potential buyers, but with motorized plantation shutters you will have the opposite effect. This type of plantation shutters are a hot commodity in the real estate market, so you can look at motorized plantation shutters as an investment in your home’s value.

3.) Energy saver

Windows can be one of the energy sucking features in your home if you are unwise with your window treatments. While blinds and manual shutters can have a positive impact on your monthly energy bill, if you forget to close or open them (depending on the season) then they are essentially rendered ineffective. Customizing your plantation shutters to be heat sensitive and motorized guarantees your home is not wasting energy and you are not wasting money.

Don’t be like other homeowners, be smarter than them. Use your tax refund money to add value to your home with motorized plantation shutters from Indian River Shutter.


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