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To Customize or Not To Customize: A Guide to Plantation Shutter Customization

custom plantation shutters vero beach

So you want to spruce up your home and you’ve decided to upgrade your old blinds to nice, new plantation shutters. By now you already know all the benefits to installing plantation shutters, from saving energy to design aesthetic. But now you need to decide if you want customized or generic plantation shutters. This guide aims to help you decide on whether or not you should invest in custom plantation shutters in your Vero Beach home.

Pros of custom plantation shutters in Vero Beach

Make it your own

The main draw to customizing anything for homeowners is the ability to make it exactly what they want, and plantation shutters are no different. If you want to install plantation shutters on the outside of your home you will want a different customization than if you were to install them inside your home. The exterior of your house might have a very different vibe than the inside of your house and if you choose the wrong type of plantation shutters it could throw the entire aesthetic of your house off. Customizing plantation shutters allows you to pick the color, material and function of the shutters. You also don’t need to worry about having the proper window size to fit plantation shutters, because the customization options allow you to determine the exact size and shape you want.


Regular or generic plantation shutters are not motorized. While you might think installing motorized plantation shutters is an unnecessary luxury, think again. One of the major pros to installing plantation shutters in the first place is the amount of money they will save you on your monthly energy bills. However, if you forget to close your shutters when it’s hot outside or open them when it’s cold, you are throwing money out the window. With customized plantation shutters you can invest in programmable and motorized shutters. These types of shutters can be controlled by a remote, a switch or even a smartphone app. That means if you forget to close your shutters before you leave for work you don’t need to worry. You simply click a few buttons on your phone and voila! Your plantation shutters are closed and you aren’t wasting energy.

More options

When you choose to customize your plantation shutters you give yourself more options to choose from. It allows you to really create to ideal shutter design you’ve always wanted. Instead of being stuck with generic shapes and sizes, you can customize the panels, the materials used, how they open and close, among other things. You also are not limited to whatever the store has in stock. Custom plantation shutters need to be ordered, which opens your options up to more than a store’s regular inventory.

Cons of custom plantation shutters in Vero Beach


The only real con of installing custom plantation shutters over generic ones is the cost. Whenever you customize anything it is always more expensive than going with a pre-designed product. However, while it costs a bit more to install, customized shutters save more energy than regular shutters and they increase the overall value of your home. Potential buyers are always interested in properties with high-tech details and accessories, such as motorized plantation shutters.


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