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5 Fresh Window Treatment Ideas

Windows are one of the most important aspects of a home. They let it light, let us experience cool breezes, give us the ability to get fresh air and give us beautiful views of the outside world from the comfort of our own homes. However, sometimes the windows in our home can look a little boring. Without texture and context, windows can sometimes look drab or uninspired, which can leave your home looking like it lacks life and color.


One of the best ways to brighten up your windows is to get a window treatment. These window treatments give your windows personality and can also give them new functions, which not only improves the look of your home, but it can increase its value as well. 


In this article, we’ll go over 5 fresh window treatment ideas that will give your windows a new life and have your house looking like a new home. 


  1. Drapes

Drapes are an excellent choice of window treatment because there are so many different types of drapes with many different styles. No matter what color scheme your home has or what look you are going for, there will be a style of drape that will fit your needs. Drapes are made of fabric and hang from curtain rods above your window, allowing you to pull them across to block out light or stow them at the sides so you can see your window. 


If you want to go with a more rustic look, you can buy drapes that are neutral colors like white, tan, or brown, and pick a drape that has a more rugged texture. This will give your home an excellent farmhouse feel while giving you the ability to block out the sun. You can also go for a more refined look by getting drapes that have darker, warmer colors and a smooth, finer texture. These finer textures give drapes more shine and they catch the light better, which can make for a beautiful look, especially in homes that get a ton of light. 


  1. Blinds

While blinds are one of the more functional window treatments you can do, they are great for decorating as well. Blinds usually sit on the inside of your window frame and are defined by horizontal or vertical slats that move to let in or block out the light. Blinds can come in many different styles and designs, giving you a wide range of choices when it comes to decorating.


For example, blinds come in both vertical slat blinds and horizontal slat blinds. While each works to let in and block light, they both have very different appearances that each has its own style. You can also change up the material that blinds are made of. For example, going with traditional wooden blinds can give a home that classic feel, while buying blinds made of bamboo or other materials can give your home a more beach-like feel. 


  1. Shutters

Shutters are one of the more classic window treatments you can do, and they are by far one of the most functional window treatments as well. Shutters are hinged pieces of wood or plastic that can sit on the outside or the inside of a window and come in many different designs and styles. 


For example, plantation shutters sit on the inside of a window frame and can be controlled using a rod, or can even be controlled mechanically. Slatted wooden shutters, however, will sit on the outside of the window and can be open or closed for privacy or protect windows during a storm. Shutters are a great option for those who want functionality and eye-catching design. 


  1. Valances

Valances are decorative panels of fabric that sit above a window. While these are not designed to control the amount of light getting in, they do serve a very important purpose. Valances are designed to hide the hardware that sits around your window. For example, a valance can hide a curtain rod that holds your drapes, giving your window a more attractive appearance. It can also hide the hardware used to control blinds or shutters as well, which will give your window a neater, more organized appearance. 


Valances come in a wide range of shapes, styles, and colors. Simply match the color and style of your valances with the rest of your home to create a cohesive decorative experience. 


  1. Shades

While shades are a more simplistic window treatment, they can be perfect for homes that get a lot of light or have a more relaxed, beach-like feel. Shades are similar to blinds, but instead of using slats to control the light, shades use a thick piece of fabric to cover the inside of the window frame. 


These shades are often made of lighter materials such as linen or cotton, which can give your home a summery, breezy feel. They can also be made of heavy material like leather, which is great for homes where you want to create a more classic, warmer feel. 


Get the Best Window Treatment for Your Home

Now that you know more about window treatments for your windows, you can start shopping around to find the best option for your home. 


If you have any questions about window treatments in Vero Beach, please contact the experts at Indian River Shutter at (888)-354-2342.



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