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4 Reasons to Buy Custom Plantation Shutters

You have a lot of choices when it comes to window coverings in your home. Sometimes, a wispy sheer curtain is appropriate to let the sunshine in but leave outsiders with an obstructed view of what’s inside. Sometimes thermal curtains are the answer—blocking out heat and light—or blinds that can be lifted up and town. The premier window covering option for the inside of your home might be something you haven’t yet considered—custom plantation shutters

Custom plantation shutters are beautiful

There is no doubt that custom plantation shutters built specifically for your windows trump all other kinds of window coverings when it comes to aesthetics. They are an appealing option in most rooms of your house—the kitchen, bathrooms with exterior windows, living rooms, studies and home offices. A huge part of their appeal is their flexibility with all types of interior design and the great finished look they provide once installed.  

Improved insulation and ventilation

Unlike curtains that can only be open or closed, shutters give you more options. If the weather outside is nice, it’s possible to open the slats of your shutters in a way that allows the cool air in but that still delivers the optimal privacy for your family. Conversely, if the weather outside is cold and windy, closed shutters provide another layer of insulation for the cozy warmth inside your home.   

Low maintenance

Another great thing about custom plantation shutters is their low maintenance needs. The most you’ll ever have to do to maintain their great appearance is to wipe them down with a dust rag. For any stuck on dirt or grime, small applications of a mild cleaning agent and warm water should do the trick. But for the most part, your shutters will look great every single day without much help.    

Potential savings

Having interior shutters installed will require an upfront investment. But not only will they look great for years to come, they might also have an impact on your home’s value, save you money on your taxes, and lower your electric bill. The federal government considers the installation of shutters to be a capital improvement which can mean big deductions when it comes time to sell the place. 


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