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Signs You Need Wood Blinds Repair

Blinds are a great investment in your home. They offer privacy, insulation in some cases, and add warmth to any room. They also come in a variety of colors and finishes making them a versatile interior decor item. Occasionally, you might need to repair your blinds. Here are a few signs that it might be time to call someone in for wood blinds repair.

Do you need wood blinds repair if they sag in the middle?

If your wooden blinds sag in the middle, it might be a good idea to call in an expert to salvage the blinds. The fix is simple. All that is required is an additional bracket or two placed in the center of the blinds to offer more support to the blinds as a whole. If your wooden blinds are more than 4 feet across and you find they’re sagging in the middle, this is definitely a reason for wood blinds repair

What to do if your installed blinds bang against the door or window

If your wood blinds constantly bang against the door or window that they cover, you probably want to address that pretty quickly before the problem gets bigger. That repeated impact could cause more problems on the blinds and potentially the glass in the door or window. The fix is pretty easy and requires brackets to stabilize the bottoms of the blinds.   

Broken tilters require wood blind repair

The tilter on your blind is the rod or cord that you twist or pull to operate your blinds. If these aren’t working properly, a host of problems can occur with your blinds like inability to open or close, inability to raise or lower, crooked slats, etc. Problems with the tilter should really be addressed by a blinds expert well versed in wood blind repair.   

A broken slat or two

If you’ve had your blinds for a while, you might eventually have to deal with replacing a broken slat or two. The task is relatively simple for someone that knows exactly what they’re doing and requires untying the strings connected to the broken slat, removing it from the blinds, and replacing it with a new slat. 


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