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Caring For Plantation Window Shutters Wood

Plantation window shutters wood are a wise home investment and look great in almost any space. They offer more privacy than their counterparts, and add a level of refinement that standard mini blinds just struggle to capture. They require little maintenance to keep them looking great besides regularly cleaning and that’s easy too. 

How to clean plantation window shutters wood

It’s very important to use the right cleaning products when it comes to cleaning your plantation window shutters wood. You should clean them like you would any kind of stained wood and minimize the amount of water you expose them to. Too much water will cause warping and cracking of the wood over time.   

Remove dust and debris first

The first step in getting sparkling clean plantation window shutters wood is to use a duster or a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove as much dust and debris as you can from the louvers and the frame. This step is an easy one and the more thorough you are in the vacuuming process, the less time you’ll spend with other cleaning methods. You can also use a paintbrush to get into any small cracks on the shutters to remove debris and dirt.  

How to handle stubborn stains on plantation window shutters wood

In the event that you come across stuck on dirt or debris that can’t be removed by the vacuum, you’ll need to move on to the next cleaning method. Use your favorite kind of dust removal spray or oil soap. Apply a small amount to a rag and gently scrub the area of concern. Applying oil soap or dusting spray on all the slats will give them a nice, clean shine. You can run a dryer sheet along the top and bottom of each slat which will minimize the amount of debris that sticks to the slat.   

Another option for stubborn dirt

You can also mix a mild solution of warm water and vinegar. Soak the tip of a clean sock in the solution, and put your hand in the sock. Use the sock soaked in the water and vinegar solution and run your hands along the tops and bottoms of each slate that needs extra cleaning.


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