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Possibilities for Window Shutters

If you’ve been considering adding window shutters in Port St. Lucie...read this before you place your order...

A room full of windows can easily be the coziest room in the house. You can easily kick up the cozy factor by installing interior window shutters in Port St. Lucie in the space. Interior shutters are classy, versatile, and look great in any space. If you’re considering interior shutters, here’s what you should know. 

You first need to pick what kind of window shutters

Interior window shutters come in a few different varieties. You can choose full shutters in which the whole panel opens in one piece just like many types of exterior shutters do. You could also consider cafe shutters which cover the bottom half of a window allowing more natural light in but providing privacy in a living room where the family is seated most of the time, or around a kitchen table. You can also choose divider rails that allow you to open top or bottom louvers independent of the rest.   

You’ll also need to consider louver size

The louvers on window shutters vary in size and common sizes that you can pick from range from 2.5 inches to 4.5 inches. Generally, the larger the louver, the more clear your view to the outside world is when they’re in the open position. Each louver size has its own ideal applications and spaces, so it’s wise to talk to a knowledgeable interior shutter dealer about all the possibilities. 

The tilt of your indoor window shutters

Another decision you’ll need to make about your new interior shutters is how you’ll open them. One of the most common ways is by using a tilting bar that’s positioned in the middle of the shutter that you’ll maneuver up or down depending on what position you want your shutters. Another option is by using a more modern hidden tilt bar that’s nestled in the side of the shutter making it harder to see. Both options function the same way and the decision really comes down to the final look of the shutter that you hope to achieve.   

One last choice

Before a shutter company is ready to make your interior shutters, you’ll have to decide what material and color you want them to be. Interior shutters are made with both faux wood products and real wood. Read wood can be stained or painted in a number of finishes and faux wood offers a host of engineered options. Whichever you choose, your new interior shutters will no doubt add something extra to the room. 


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