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Choosing the Best Plantation Shutters for Each Room

Interior shutters draw upon the design sensibilities of plantations in the Deep South. Except these shutters belong on the inside of a window, and really up the interior design game of almost any space. You can utilize the look of plantation shutters for each room in your home. Here’s how. 

Plantation shutters for the kitchen

It’s a great choice to buy plantation shutters for each room, especially the kitchen. These window coverings are energy efficient, allowing homeowners to more closely control the amount of light in the room. They also offer more privacy and since kitchens often overlook the front yard, or even a nearby home, privacy is key. 

Plantation shutters for the bathroom

And speaking of privacy, consider adding plantation shutters in your bathroom for the maximum amount of privacy in that space. Materials used to make shutters are also easily maintained with little effort aside from regular dusting. You can also adjust the louvers in the open position but pointing upward allowing for complete privacy while having the benefit of a room filled with natural light.  

Shutters for the living room or home office

Shutters are a great choice for comfortable family rooms and even formal home offices. They allow for privacy in these spaces, and the maximum control of light in the room. They also add an air of distinction and style to the place providing a comfortable space for families to gather and spend time together.  

Shutters for the home theater

Home theaters are best when you have near absolute darkness. Interior shutters are a great way to achieve that in a theater space. You can even install them in a dark color to help cancel out the light in the room and boost your movie watching experience even further. 


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