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A Complete Guide to Choosing Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a great option for window coverings in new spaces and reimagined spaces alike. They look classy and offer a great deal of privacy for any room in your home. There are a few things to know when choosing them for your windows and the guide below will help you as you navigate the choices.  

Louver size and plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are made with different sized louvers—the part of the shutter that opens and closes. Four louver widths are common from just under two inches wide to just over four inches wide. The larger the louver, the larger your unobstructed view outside will be. Oftentimes smaller windows call for the use of more narrow louvers but the choice for your plantation shutters in Vero Beach is really up to you.   

Controlling the louvers

Another choice you’ll have to make is how to control the opening and closing of the louvers. Some styles have a rod in the center of the shutter that you use to open and close it. Others are controlled by an invisible tilt control mechanism. And there are even motorized options on the market that work by remote control and that can be programmed to be opened or closed at certain points of the day.  

Choosing a frame style for plantation shutters

You’ll also need to navigate the many types of frame available for your plantation shutters. This choice starts with choosing inside or outside mounting of the frame on the wall which has a direct impact on the function type of the shutter. You can choose from very traditional-looking frames to contemporary options.   

Choosing a material

Plantation shutters are an investment that will look great in your space for years to come. Their longevity does ultimately come down to the material the shutters are made from. Manufacturers create shutters in a variety of materials these days, some sturdier than others, including composite wood, hardwood, and poly resin. 


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