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Incorporating Plantation Shutters into Your Home

Window treatment Port Saint Lucie

If you’re looking for a home improvement project that will have a positive impact on your home value and that will improve the look and function of your windows, you should consider plantation shutters. They work in almost all rooms and deliver a slew of benefits. If you’re considering this window covering option, here are just a few points to consider. 

Rooms in your home begging for plantation shutters

Plantation shutters belongs in practically every room in your home. Plantation shutters are one of the best insulating window treatments on the market so they definitely belong in any room that gets considerable sun throughout the day. They also provide significant privacy, so bedrooms, bathrooms, and main living areas are other great places for shutters. 

Which materials should you choose?

Plantation shutters come in a variety of materials which represent different ranges on the budget scale. You’ll find plenty of options made from vinyl, wood, and composite materials. Typically, the least expensive options are vinyl which can present their own challenges. Wood shutters are typically top of the line and provide a great looking shutter with minimal maintenance for a long time.  

Don’t shy away from color

Another great aspect of incorporating plantation shutters is the wide range of finishes that you can choose. Think beyond wood tones, or neutrals. Shutters manufacturers have begun to introduce bold colors as part of their inventory, and there’s no reason to shy away from color if the room can handle it.   

The many benefits of incorporating plantation shutters

There are many benefits to utilizing plantation shutters for window coverings. You’ve already ready about the energy efficiency, and insulation aspect. Shutters also provide a great deal of privacy in a room, and the ability to better control the natural light in the room. Low maintenance is another reason to consider plantation shutters. These window coverings need little more than a quick dusting on occasion to keep them looking great. They are also durable and will provide quality coverage for your windows without the need to worry about mechanical breakdowns or costly fixes. 


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