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Why Shutters Are the #1 Best Window Coverings

window coverings

Do you wonder what is the #1 best custom window coverings to add to your home? Much is said about your home’s curb appeal. Much of your time, money, and effort are spent keeping it looking great on the outside using universal window coverings. But much can also be said about the things inside your home that make it feel cozy, and well, homey. Window treatments play a big role in the coziness of a space, and interior shutters are one of the best choices for window coverings. Here are some reasons why. 

Window coverings and insulation

Most bare windows, even impact windows, are not always the greatest insulators. This means that the hot sun blazing through the window can and likely will warm the space, while cold temps outside will eventually find their way in and cool your space down. When choosing a window covering, the best choice you can make considering the insulation factor of a room, are in fact interior shutters (also known as plantation shutters). When shutters are in the closed position, they offer another thick layer of wood in between the window and the room. This incredible coverage helps to keep energy costs down and keep your rooms temperature controlled.

Shutters and lights control

Interior shutters are the very best option for the maximum control over the light in a room. They operate on louvers, from 2″ up to 5″ in some cases. With a simple movement of hidden or standard tilt, you can open your shutters partially or all the way. This means that you can fully control how much light comes into the room, and even block it out completely when the shutters are closed in an upward position. This allows you to control the amount of natural light you supply to any space your plantation shutters are installed.

Custom window coverings and privacy

Another great aspect of interior shutters is the absolute privacy that they offer. Many decorative curtains still allow the outside world some glimpse of what’s inside of a room. Interior shutters in their upward or closed position offer no line of vision inside of your home. You can also point or direct the louvers toward the ceiling which allows for natural light to enter the room while still maintaining absolute privacy. 

window covering options
Interior Shutters on a French Door

An investment in your home

Shutters are thought to be expensive, however, that isn’t necessarily true! Other window treatment options like curtains and blinds might be cheaper in some circumstances, but they do nothing to save you money on insurance premiums, energy bills, or add any value to your home. The investment of plantation shutters pays off over time unlike any other window coverings.

Universal Window Coverings Maintenance

Imagine how much work it is to clean blinds? Or to remove your curtains, wash them, and put them back up? If you hate having to do so much work, interior shutters are the best option for low maintenance. With very minimal maintenance, interior shutters can last a very long time (up to a lifetime for many), never go out of style, and are a resilient option for window covering. They are the more cost-effective option overall.

Aesthetics of Plantation Shutters

There are not many window covering options that look as appealing as plantation shutters from the inside view to the outside view of your home. Wood interior shutters are highly customizable and timeless, while PVC or PolybiltTM shutters are more affordable and perfect for garages, showers, and children (wink wink parents).


Interior shutters are a contender for #1 best window coverings on the market. As you have just read, they help add or restore insulation, offer unique and customizable natural lighting control, provide excellent privacy, add value to your home while saving you money, and offer one of the lowest maintenance options possible.


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