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Plantation Shutters: Drastically Going Out of Style or Not?

plantation shutters

When you’re considering new window treatments, you may be wondering what type of coverings to get, and what options you have with each style. Should you go with plantation shutters or something else? You may even be presented with a plethora of different types of shutters for your home, leading to confusion. But one thing is for sure: the only window treatment that goes out of style is one that loses its functionality in your space. Whether you’re working remotely, telecommuting, or babysitting the grandkids, reach for a window treatment that will protect and cover the way it is meant to.

Plantation Basics: A Stylish Choice

Again, there’s no better plantation shutter than one that works. If you are replacing old window treatments, chances are that they are worn or perhaps out of date. Plantation shutters are a popular choice for window coverings because of the durability, versatility, and functionality of their design. Because of the many options you have with plantation shutters, you could choose from any style and material that will match your home decor.

What’s more, plantation shutters make a stylish choice for your home because they are easily customized to fit the frame of your window. Good quality shutters are ones that open and close efficiently without any trouble. All of the mechanics are working accordingly to provide even coverage for each window.

Typically, basswood or aluminum plantation shutters are low-maintenance and easy to install. They also come in a variety of style options. Full-height shutters are most common and include two sides on each window. Cafe style shutters are installed at the bottom half of the window and allowed just enough light in. You will find these in small cafes or kitchens. And lastly, tier on tier shutters cover both sides of the window and can open and close from top to bottom. All three styles of shutters are easy to maintain and fairly cost-effective.

Plantation shutters also come in a variety of materials, such as composite, vinyl, and wood. Composite shutters (or fake wood) are engineered from materials made of sawdust, vinyl or PVC coating. These are sturdy and cost-effective, yet they do not hold up to wear and tear as well as wood. Wooden plantation shutters are sturdy, beautiful in color, and hold up better than any other shutter material. They cost a bit more, but you will have a plethora of customization choices and they’ll be reliable for years to come. Local showrooms in Stuart offer a variety of wood plantation shutter styles for your home.

Categories of vinyl plantation shutters include hollow and solid, vinyl clad wood and structured hollow vinyl. Vinyl is a less expensive choice and sturdy, for the most part. Oftentimes, vinyl shutters will have an aluminum or PVC support to prevent them from warping or being damaged in high moisture areas.

Are Plantation Shutters Going Out of Style?

The good news is that plantation shutters never go out of style. They are durable and last many years, if taken care of, and installed with high quality materials. They increase your home’s value and are easy to clean and operate. They’re also childproof! These types of window coverings will always make their way into the hearts of homeowners. When you’re looking for wood plantation shutters in Stuart showrooms, explain what you’re looking for to one of the qualified contractors.

Is it time to replace the old shutters? Perhaps you just moved into your new home and want to dress your windows. You can count on plantation shutters to cover you for years to come. But the shutters are only as good as their materials. That is why Indian River Shutter Company offers free design consultations and factory tours with your visit. Conveniently located near Stuart, get in touch with them today for a free quote or visit us on Facebook


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