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Why Shutters are better than Curtains?

So it’s time to switch out your curtains for something more modern, but you don’t know where to start. You could be thinking plantation shutters, blinds, curtains, or even window clings. Although all these are still in style. Hanging beads are just not the way you want to go. Window clings and frosting spray aren’t necessarily what you’re after, either. It is entirely doable to find the best quality window coverings that provide you with the most coverage for your windows, while still remaining stylish with your home’s decor. 

Traditional Blinds

Traditional blinds are the kind you see in everyday home offices, schools, and even doctor’s offices. They’re a simple way to diminish the light that enters the room while offering privacy. Blinds can come in materials such as wood, vinyl or even polyvinyl. Depending on what you’re willing to spend, blinds can replace curtains to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. They wont allow as much natural light as shutters, but enough to sweep through the room organically. The only upkeep is the occasional dusting of the slats. 

Window Clings

Window clings aren’t just for your holiday decorations, and they do not cover nearly as well as plantation shutters do. Many companies offer window clings as an alternative to window treatments; you can find these inexpensive additions in a variety of styles. Window clings are plastic coverings that change the look of your space without much hassle. With options ranging from frosted to stained glass appeal, your window clings are interchangeable to your liking. The only downside is the degradation of the window clings overtime. Sun exposure and other weather elements will tarnish and fade them, and bring down the overall quality of these treatments. For this reason, window clings don’t provide much use after a year or so.

Roman Shades 

A sophisticated and classic window treatment option is Roman shades. These shades will transform any space to provide a more modern setting. You can find Roman shades in colors such as eggshell gray, sand, and more, depending on what you’re looking for. They are low- maintenance, easy to clean, and easy to install.  Roman shades have a distinct look, which means the style isn’t for everyone nor for every room. Visit a window covering Palm City showroom to view these exceptional options and to see if Roman shades are right for your room.

Wooden Shutters

Image from IRSC

Shutters offer a timeless aesthetic to your home. Wood shutters are a simple and classic option, providing plenty of privacy, too. This exceptional alternative is a perfect compliment to most decor. You can definitely depend on preventing outside lights from seeping in, which in turn helps keep the sun from heating the room. The downfall, if anything, is that they can shut out too much light. It is a low- maintenance and easy to clean option for your home. 

Rolling Screens

A rolling screen (or retractable shade) is similar to a Roman shade, as it rolls up and down mechanically. It retracts with mechanical installation or a simple drawstring or chain. Rolling screens fit most windows and make the room feel inviting. They usually come in an array of colors, and they are also available in other materials such as wood or bamboo. They are easy to clean and adjust, and offer a good amount of privacy.

As you can see, there are a number of alternative window treatments to curtains. It’s important that you find a window covering Palm City showroom to help you decide which option will suit your needs. At Indian River Shutter Company, our top priority is comfort for your home. Because we take pride in our work, we offer design consultations at no cost. Call us so we can help you swap out your curtains for a more modern, comfortable window treatment!


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