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Exterior Window Shutters And The Benefits Of Their Use

Draping your interior windows can be a fun and innovative way to add your personal style and flare. But have you ever thought about adding exterior shutters to your home? Much like interior shutters, exterior window treatments can play an important role in adding value to your home, create curb appeal, and increasing protection. These reasons will change the way you think about exterior shutters for your home.

Types of Exterior Shutters

Let’s get acquainted with the variety of materials that make up a sturdy exterior shutter: Vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, composite, and wood. Wood is a common material used for shutters and offers the most flexibility and coverage. These shutters are made from cedar or pine and are made to withstand the outdoor weather.

Wood shutters provide a classic look and feel to your home and can be easily transformed into any desired style by using your desired paint color. Although these shutters can get costly to maintain, they are a practical choice.

Aluminum shutters are a second choice among homeowners because of their durability and coverage. At one time, aluminum shutters would warp and become flimsy in the hot sun. Now, manufacturers have designed sturdy and strong hurricane-proof shutters that offer maximum protection through any weather. They also come in a variety of styles and are powder–coated to offer light-weight protection on your home.

Vinyl would generally be used as an added decoration to your home and is an expensive choice. This type of material is thin and easily draws the attention of insects because of their hollow backing. Vinyl comes in a variety of styles but cannot be customized. Most homeowners install them for looks and you will usually find them on the second story windows of the home. Vinyl shutters are certainly not a practical choice for coverage and protection.

Fiberglass is nothing short of perfect for your exterior windows and is also the most practical shutter type for outdoors. This highly durable but expensive material stands the test of time when harsh and damaging weather approaches. Fiberglass is maintenance-free and easily customizable to any design, shape, and color you desire.

Bermuda shutters mimic an awning and are generally found in coastal areas where the climate is much warmer. They provide full coverage but raise from the bottom to allow wind to pass through.

Composite shutters are a low maintenance choice for your windows exterior. These shutters are made from a blend of wood and plastic and are known for its decorative qualities on your homes windows. This solid and easily customizable choice is resistant to insects and falls in the moderate price range. Mold tends to be an issue with outdoor materials such as composite but these shutters are easily maintained over other types of window treatments.

Louvered shutters provide elegant shadow lines and textures to your home.  If you are going for this type of shutter, you should be aware that plastic louvered shutters mock the real deal. A reputable company will only offer these in shutters in wood. Operable and fixed louvered shutters are available for you and come in a variety of colors and designs. Operable shutters open and close to your liking and are easily adjusted and closed by a tilt bar. In order to get the most out of these shutters, they must be noticeably operable. Fixed louvered shutters are 50% open and are in a fixed positioned in stationary slats. Sometimes, a tilt rod will be attached to fixed shutters, taking on the appearance of it being operable.

Not just any shape

Don’t under estimate the power of correct measurements and shaping. You may get as creative as you like, but in order to provide extensive coverage and functionality, you should shape the shutters to fit your window frame exactly. You might see shutters that look shorter than the window itself, and while the owner might have been thinking aesthetically, they might not have been thinking practically. For example, avoid rectangular shutters for your arched windows. This will not only make for vulnerable windows during stormy weather, it can also be aesthetically unappealing.

What else should I know about Exterior Shutters?

Exterior window treatments can be an eyesore or eye candy. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home for a sale or you’d like to renovate your home’s exterior, outside window treatments can add a classic look without breaking your budget. Much like interior shutters, you need to take the right measurements. If you can’t accurately obtain these measurements, hire a professional contractor to take the climb for you. This requires not only a professional, but a steady hand and someone with knowledge to assess the area around the window should there need to be adjustments. What if your measurements were slightly off or there was an issue with the framing around the window? An expert will promptly know how to fix this issue and install your desired window shutters without accruing any more damage to the area. Another important aspect to consider is if you prefer the ability to open and close your shutters. The shutters are the ‘eyebrows’ of your home and can make or break the look. A professional is recommended when installing the shutters. This wipes away your risk of faulty mounting by anyone that isn’t an installation expert. The exterior renovations that you invest will likely be useless if you have the wrong shutters or they are incorrectly mounted.

So, how do you know which outside window shutter is for you? Determine what look you are trying to achieve first and keep in mind the importance of material that make up your desired shutter. Wood is generously resistant against decaying whereas it can be quiet difficult to decipher the difference between plastic and real wood shutters.

How’s the Weather?

Again, weather is an important element to factor in when you are considering exterior treatments. Should heavy winds and rain sweep through your neighborhood, you do not need to be worried about your shutters. Choose a material that will hold through indecisive weather. Not only will decorative shutters cost you more to upkeep, other damages may come from improper shutters as well.

What’s the bottom line?

Exterior treatments are thought to only add aesthetic appeal to your home but with the right outside window shutter they can offer quite a bit more. When you’re looking to style the exterior of your windows, aim for protection and coverage, not just because of the various styles and shapes. You can invest in higher quality window treatments that stand up to harsh weather and still achieve the look you intend. If you settle for vinyl just for aesthetic purposes alone, you will likely be replacing them in the later months due to swelling damage and humidity damage. A custom design team of local experts will advise you on cost, what they feel will benefit your home, and how to maintain the look and functionality of outside window shutters.

Contact the savvy team at Indian River Shutter Company for speedy and budget-friendly guidance while they walk you through their most popular styles and designs. Aren’t ready to make a commitment? The Indian River team will make on-site estimates to ensure you are in good hands when you’re ready.


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