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How the Best Pros Hang Window Shutters In Your Home

Window Shutters

Interior window shutters are a classic and timeless window covering option. That is becoming more and more popular. They are effective at their job of providing privacy, temperature insulation, and natural light control in any room in your home. They look amazing doing their job too. Interior window shutters work for any room from kitchens and baths to living spaces and offices. If you’re planning on incorporating them in your space, here’s how the pros will hang your window shutters in your home. 

Tools needed to hang window shutters

Image from IRSC Facebook

The pros will need a few special tools to successfully hang your window shutters. Those tools include a drill and bits, a square guide, a folding ruler, and a collection of screwdrivers. They will need the area cleared, and the window surface and window casing and then they begin the process of installing the shutters. 

Indian River Shutter Company has custom vehicles that are designed specifically to haul ANY size plantation shutter. These vans are carpeted and every panel is bubble wrapped to prevent any damages on the way to your home. They hold every tool needed to install your shutters. Using light drills for less noise, and tile bits for when needed to drill into harder surfaces. When it comes to installation, IRSC has all their X’s and O’s scratched off the list. Even cleaning and vacuuming as they go. No mess guaranteed.

Attaching the hinges and mounting the shutters

Image from Rockler

Before hanging you plantation shutters, the pros will attach all the hinges to the frames, and assemble any frame before they are screwed into your window casing, or jamb. If measured correctly the frames should fit right in the window, leaving a small gap to adjust properly, and then be caulked so no light comes through any gaps.

If needed, the pros will often use filler strips to make sure the shutters completely fill the window and attach firmly. Once the hinges and frames are in place, the shutters will be mounted in the window opening and screwed in place. Before they’re screwed all the way in, the installer will step back and check the overall fit and alignment of the shutter making sure all light gaps are even and plantation shutter panels are even. 

Attaching hardware

Image from IRSC Facebook

The next step, once the shutters are firmly in place in the window, is to attach magnetic hardware on the light stop of the frame, and corners of each window shutter. This is a crucial part as it will assist in opening and closing them on demand, and making sure they stay closed if you have any windows open, allowing natural air coming through the louvers. Using a measuring tape, the installer will carefully measure the placement of the hardware before drilling holes where they will fit. Fixtures will then be attached and then tested to ensure they’re properly secured and plantation shutter panels open and close perfectly. 

Enjoying the benefits of your window shutters

shutter Installation
Image from IRSC

Interior window shutters deliver a whole host of benefits. They provide increased security in your home by adding another layer that a would-be burglar has to figure out how to get through. They increase privacy by removing any gaps that might occur from hung black out curtains. They also reduce heat during the summer and cold during the winter, making a big impact on your heating and cooling bill. They are also extremely durable, and will continue looking gorgeous in your home for many years to come with minimal maintenance. 

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2 Responses

  1. Installing plantation shutters efficiently and effectively requires attention to detail and proper technique. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve the best results:

    Measurements: Accurate measurements are crucial for a precise fit. Measure the window frame’s width and height at multiple points to ensure consistency.

    Preparation: Before installation, ensure that the shutters are properly assembled and that all necessary hardware and tools are readily available. Inspect the window area for any obstacles or obstructions that may affect installation.

    Positioning: Position the shutter panels in the window frame to ensure they fit correctly. Use shims if necessary to adjust the fit and ensure that the shutters are level and centered within the frame.

    Drilling Holes: Using a drill with the appropriate drill bit, carefully drill pilot holes for the mounting screws. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for screw placement and spacing.

    Mounting Brackets: Install the mounting brackets securely into the pilot holes using the provided screws. Make sure the brackets are aligned properly and firmly anchored to support the weight of the shutters.

    Attaching Hinges: If the shutters have hinges, attach them to the mounting brackets according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that the hinges are properly aligned and securely fastened.

    Final Adjustments: Once the shutters are mounted, check for proper operation by opening and closing them several times. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure smooth operation and proper alignment.

    Finishing Touches: After installation, clean the shutters and the surrounding area to remove any dust or debris. Check for any visible gaps or imperfections and make any final adjustments as needed.

    Customer Satisfaction: Before leaving the job site, walk through the installation with the customer to ensure their satisfaction. Address any questions or concerns they may have and provide instructions for care and maintenance.

    By following these steps and paying attention to detail, you can achieve efficient and professional-looking plantation shutter installations.

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